And Then There Was Isaac


April 11, 2017

He came home on a lovely Spring day.  It was so fitting, really, that he would come in the Spring…the time when what has been dead is being resurrected, the time when what has been happening in the unseen womb of earth springs forth with newness of life, the time when everything is bursting with beauty and color and new beginnings.  The time of year that feels and looks, and even smells like hope.

I held him in front of our window, the one that faces the birch tree, fresh with new buds.  I hadn’t even noticed their arrival, but he was captivated by the green leaves dancing in with the wind, swaying with the braches, and I noticed my body swaying the way a mama does holding her babies.

I was struck at how it just seemed like yesterday that the tree was barren and yet here she was, plum full of green glory.  It’s a bit of the way I have felt, barren and filled with wonder at what God might be birthing through my life in this next season.

Well, here he is.

Backstory:  On March 7, 2017 I received a phone call that would change our lives forever.  As I listened to the social worker from Alameda County Adoptions, I was stunned to find out that our Kayla Joy’s birthmother had given birth to another child, a baby boy who was now in foster care, like his big sister had been when she was born.  I was in shock and found myself swept off my feet…literally having to find a place to sit down… then crying because it is all so heartbreaking really…then elated at the possibility of the connection my daughter would be able to have with her biological sibling.  The words came more quickly than I could have imagined…“Would you like to adopt him?”  Thus began the journey that our family has embarked upon.  

Death. Burial. Resurrection.  It’s a combination of words and ideas that God has been whispering into my spirit over these past few months.  And when I learned of this precious baby boy, and allowed my heart to hear, my spirit to tune into the gentle whisper of God, I realized that he was resurrecting a dream long dead and buried.  The dream of another baby. The dream of a son.  The dream of holding another little one against my chest and experiencing the surge of gorgeousness that envelops both of us in those moments.  The dream of pouring my life into one more soul who needs a mama to speak Life and Love and Truth.

Our God is making all things new.  He is full of surprises.  With Him, resurrection is always in the air…

I wonder what He wants to resurrect in you or how he wants to partner with you to bring resurrection to the community in which he has planted you, like a seed, for His good and unimaginable purposes.



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