If you are looking for a speaker for your event, I would love to connect with you about that possibility.  Here are some references that will give you an idea of what I might offer your group.

“Rooted in Biblical truth and motivated by a passionate heart, Christine’s effervescent style and communication skills bring life to most any event and audience.  I wholeheartedly encourage you to use Christine to communicate a vital message that compels the heart and engages the mind.  She is a gifted communicator who easily captures the attention of each generation.  I have watched Christine challenge and move audiences, young and old, Christian or seekers.” 

Doug Tegner,  Pastor At Large, Redwood Chapel, Castro Valley, California

“Christine is a passionate follower of Jesus who makes God's Word come alive as she speaks.  God has not only molded Christine into an articulate, motivating teacher, He has also given her a pastor's heart.  She cares about the people to whom she is speaking. She invites God to speak through her to change their lives and produce growth.  I always appreciate they way she partners with my planning team to minister to our ladies--she doesn't just come, speak and leave. Christine is a fun, beautiful, creative and wise servant of Jesus." 

Sue King, Director of Women's Ministries, Bridges Community Church, Fremont, California.

"What I love about Christine is how she passionately and personally teaches God's truth. Hearing from her is like talking with a good friend. You can't wait to hear how her story will end, whether it will make you laugh, cry or think, "I can totally relate!" Her wisdom will challenge and encourage you. She is a sojourner on this walk of faith that I want to spend more time with." 

Jodi Moore Harris, InRoads Church, Fremont

"A rare combination of true humility and boldness,  Christine is not only a gifted communicator, she also has a tender heart of compassion, and a passion for purity. Her ability to impact lives is broadened by her breadth of personal experience in church, the community, and her family.  Highly recommended!!" 

— Tony Bolivar, Music Minister, Fremont Community Church, Fremont, California

"Christine is a captivating, encouraging and heartfelt speaker.  The women of our church were moved by her honest and loving insight on our theme of Gratitude.  It was beautiful to watch as the Lord touched and transformed lives through her message." 

Lisa Myers, Retreat Coordinator, Centerville Presbyterian Church, 2013 


"At the end of every semester, every mom rates every speaker on a scale of 1-10.  I don't think we had ever received "11's" until Christine came to speak!  Her ratings were head and shoulders above other (wonderful speakers), and therefore, she was the FIRST person I wanted to book for the next semester.  The women in our mom's group were riveted by Christine's talk on "The Power of Words".  She has passion, energy, and obvious gifted-ness as a speaker.  Her visual aids were impactful, her stories and illustrations were memorable, and the content was Scripture-filled.  As a speaker, she rocks, and as a woman, she is gracious and real.  I cannot recommend her enough!" 

— Dawn Lietzau, "Refresh" Mom's Group Leader, Echo Church, San Jose, CA