Sweet Surrender...


Baby boy has been fighting sleep.  It’s super frustrating to be his mama and know he needs sleep so badly, and to feel his little body wiggling and fighting it, wanting to get up and move and explore, even though he can barely keep his eyes open.

He is into everything.  All the time.  He has one mode:  GO!  So, nap-time is the only respite, and as most moms I know would agree, “the nap” is sacred time, holy ground, to be guarded with one’s life.  (Too dramatic?  I don’t think so. J) So, when it doesn’t happen, it’s easy for me to come just a bit undone.

Since my word this year is “encounter” I am seeking to notice how God is moving, speaking and providing for me throughout the every day moments of my life.  My desire is to encounter the life-giving presence of Jesus through it all.  The main way I am spending my time in this season is with this precious little laughter-love, who is seriously giving me a run for my money. 

So as I welcome Jesus into these moments of frustration, when Isaac simply refuses to surrender to sleep, I realize that he reminds me a little bit of me. Fighting what I need most for something that seems like it might be better.  Fighting surrender for *FOMO.

God was pretty clear in communicating to me that my work in this season is to care for my kids and to listen for His voice.  However, my mode, like Isaac’s, is GO!  Surrendering to God’s timing, His plans, His ways…this sometimes does not come easily to me, because frankly, I like to make things happen myself.  Thank you very much.

Most of us have heard the story in the gospels of Peter getting out of the boat to join Jesus who was walking on the water…the exhortation so often is to be like Peter, to move in faith, not in fear…to walk out onto the water with Jesus, keeping our eyes fixed on him so we won’t sink.  But my problem isn’t typically getting out of the boat.  It’s staying put when Jesus hasn’t said it’s time to move yet.  It’s surrendering to the current season without being so quick to move into what might be “next.”

So as I rock my restless baby to sleep and pray he surrenders, I whisper, “yes” to Jesus once again. Yes to right now.  Yes to this moment.  Yes to His timing, His plans, His surprises. 

I say Yes to the story He is crafting through my life, because He is the Author and there is no better Writer than Him.

What is God inviting you into during this season of your life?  What is the “yes” He is asking you to trust Him in? 

May we be people who say yes, no matter what!


* fear of missing out

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