The Touch of Love


When was the last time you heard God speak to you?  From the deepest part of my being, I believe He is always communicating.  He longs for connection with His beloved ones.  “Oh that my people would listen to me…” He says (Psalm 81:13).  Lately I’ve become aware of one of the main ways God speaks to me…

My love language is touch.*  I feel most loved by the people closest to me when they express their affection hands-on.  When my husband wraps his arms around me, when my baby girl crawls up into my lap for a lingering snuggle, when my mama gives me a back rub, when my first born hugs me as if she’ll never let go…these are the moments when I feel that I belong…these are the moments I feel most emotionally connected and loved by my people.   I’ve even been known to cry during a pedicure (given by a complete stranger), simply because the touch is so nurturing, so healing, so grounding. 

Jesus knows this about me (since He’s the one who created me this way) and, just the other day, I had an epiphany, realizing that He often communicates with me in images that involve His touch.  I am so deeply moved by this.

I was reading one of my favorite passages, and these words jumped off of the page and dove right into my soul: 

“You place your hand of blessing on my head…”

Psalm 139:5, NLT

I’ve read this countless times, and yet, in this moment, it was a fresh revelation. God had brought his rhema, his divine utterance, to me.  Rhema are the words of God spoken through Scripture that come alive to us personally by the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  I love when The Great Counselor illuminates the Bible in a new way and I am undone because it as if Jesus has pulled up a chair next to me, and personally spoken His words of life over me.

In this moment I was struck with the image of God’s hand on my head, imparting blessing to me from the richness, the fullness of His being.  With His touch on my head, He imparted hope, peace, purpose, freedom, strength, faith, joy, contentment, power and authority.  These are the words I sensed flowing into me from His hand on my head.

At the same time that I saw His hand on my head, I also saw the grabby hand of the enemy, seeking to reach into my soul to steal, kill and destroy the very things that God was imparting to me.   And I saw the other hand of God simply shutting the mouth of the enemy, squeezing his lying lips together with His fingers, while He continued to impart His blessing to me with his right hand.

As I sat there and received all that God was giving to me, I thought about the way He revealed Himself as “I Am” in his encounter with Moses on the mountain.  Once again, He is saying,  “I am your hope.  I am your purpose.  I am your peace.  I am your joy.” 

Everything that I need flows from Him.  Everything that you need is being offered to you right now.

What do you need, beloved one of God?  Tell the great I Am and let yourself imagine and even sense His hand of blessing bestowing that exact thing upon you in this very moment.



*If your are curious to learn more about love languages, click on this link:  This concept has been one of the most powerful tools of connection in my marriage and in my mothering…

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