So you guys-God spoke to me at Jazzercise again. I love it so much. I know that when you hear “Jazzercise” you immediately picture a fluorescent pink headband holding back heavily hair-sprayed bangs.   You see legwarmers and a Flashdance shirt that effortlessly falls over the shoulder. Perhaps you even see some big white earrings. That’s not how it is. It’s actually this really great aerobic and strength workout with fun music and tons of energy.

So this morning’s class was particularly playful with women singing along to the songs as they moved their bodies, burning calories from their red wine or brownie or pasta encounters of the night before. I was experiencing that joy that comes in community when everyone is united in purpose. Everyone is present and happy and we are all moving as one. There is laughter and life and the cares that each woman has brought with her are forgotten for just a little space of time.

God speaks to me in moments like these.

We were dancing to “Treasure.” Many of you might be quite seriously offended if you were to read the lyrics to this song, and honestly you can’t understand many of them anyway in a context like this, so all I heard was, “You’re my treasure. That is what you are!” I sensed the smile of God on me as if He was saying those words straight into my heart as I danced. You’re my treasure, Christy. I delight in you. I see you. You’re my treasure—that is what you are!

I know that His Word says this about me. I know how deeply loved I am, but it’s so easy to forget how treasured we are…that’s what I needed to hear today.

I love how God can get through to us in so many creative ways. I hope that today, you hear His voice. He is always speaking!

You’re treasured. I thought maybe you needed to hear that today too.

Love, Christy                                                      To read from my archives, go here.